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Select LifeStyle Series Cabana Playtop Cockatiel Cage

The Select LifeStyle Series Cabana Playtop Cockatiel Cage is a quality cockatiel cage loaded with features. This cockatiel cage’s unique spring loaded door latch uses a easy push button release so no more fumbling around and has a awesome bird proof lock guard for safety. Every door opens and closes with a single finger without jamming or getting caught. The cockatiel cage size inside is 18″ x 18″ x 31-1/2″ high and the outside is 28″ x 28″ x 61″ high. The bars are 3/4″ spacing which is ideal for all cockatiel cages. The Select LifeStyle Series Cabana Playtop Cockatiel [...]

EZ Care Bow Front Clear Acrylic Panel Playtop Cockatiel Bird Cage

A lot can be told about a cockatiel by his home. In fact, the way our birds are housed has a tremendous impact on their susceptibility to disease, behavior problems, and breeding capabilities. To keep them safe, secure, and healthy, cockatiels need a cage that is big on space, cleanliness, and intelligent design. I now give to you all, the EZ Care Bow Clear Acrylic Front Panel Series Cockatiel Bird Cage! Highlights: 1. Pet cockatiel bird cage with acrylic front panel for seamless viewing – for you and your cockatiel 2. Bird cage with LARGE access door – entire front [...]

Super Pet EZ Care Bow Front Playtop Bird Cage

After months of research my wife and I decided to get this wonderful bird cage. I am very hard to please when I buy things, and let me tell you I’m pleased with EZ cage cockatiel cages. I waited awhile before posting a review because I wanted to write this after actually using this cockatiel playtop cage in my home (it has been just about 2 months. Here are my thoughts) 1. It is medium size cage not to big or small and fits and looks nice in my living room. 2. I have 2 cockatiels and the 1/2 spacing [...]

The Most Popular And Best Reviewed Playtop Cockatiel Cages

This might be interesting to anyone looking into buying a cockatiel cage or new bird cage in general. With 11+ years experience with birds, you could imagine how many types of cockatiel cages I saw in my lifetime and how that made me very picky when picking out a bird cage for any species. My most important bird cages are the cage accessories at home for all my little noisy guys. Today I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite cockatiel cages which happens to still be the most popular and best reviewed cockatiel cages reviews by the [...]

Select Wrought Iron Moveable Playtop Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiel Cages should have more than enough room for your cockatiel. A interior measuring 18Lx18Wx32H is perfect which makes the Select Wrought Iron Cockatiel Cage a comfortable living space for your cockatiel or cockatiels. This awesome playtop bird cage is available in several finishes and this playtop cage features an 4-way all around seed guard for catching all your bird’s messy food garbage hehe. I love the removable drawer which makes cleaning the cage easy and the base/stand uses four heavy duty casters wheels making birdcages easy to move. There are four stainless steel feeder cups; two for the interior [...]

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