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Cockatiel Hypnosis

That’s right… I said ‘Cockatiel Hypnosis’! I’m a HUGE believer in NLP, which is a form of self hypnosis used to help people quit smoking, achieve more success, get a better job, do better in athletics etc… So, to help you understand how I’ve been recently using hypnosis to instantly change the mood of my Cockatiel, Magoo, here’s a brief glimpse into how my brain worked up this crazy theory… How Self Hypnosis Could Work In Cockatiel, Parrots and Any Type Of Bird First, let me say that Hypnosis is VERY real! I first saw a hypnotist act while I [...]

Popular Bird Reference Guide

I cannot say enough to please remember that all birds require a lot of time and love to become the joy and new family member you are looking for. Before making the quick buy at your local pet store and bringing a new bird into your home… PLEASE do your homework and learn everything and all you can about the bird’s needs, behavior, how much everything will cost up front and how much you need to spend on food and finding the best bird cage type and location for your cockatiel or any bird species. Go talk to local popular [...]