Select Lifestyle Series Casa Cockatiel Playtop Bird Cage

The Select Lifestyle Series Casa Cockatiel Playtop Cage features a spring-loaded door latch with push button release flight button, a new side panels feature which creates tighter seams – which mean’s so there’s less of a chance of trapped food and debris getting stuck between cage bars. This cage… like all Select Series cages are defiantly quality built with all-metal construction and has a powder coated finish which is not only safe for your cockatiel but the cage and bars clean easily.

This Playtop Cockatiel Cage includes 4 stainless steel cups and 2 natural wood perches in total. The rolling stand comes in handy when needing to move the cage for a short time period or for whatever reason it may be. Also features 2 litter trays with chrome cabinet-style pull and dual locking seed/water guard doors. You get 2 easy access feeding ports, 3/4″ bar spacing which is the perfect size for cockatiels, lories, conures, and senegals.

The inside size of this cage measures 24″x20″x34-3/4″ high in space and the cages outside size including rolling stand is 34″x30″x64-1/2″ high. The top features a Playtop Area where your cockatiel can eat or drink from the dish’s, relax on the perch, climb ladders or play with it’s favorite toy. The Playtop even has it’s own pull out liter tray for absolute the easiest possible cage maintenance.

The Select Lifestyle Series Casa Cockatiel Playtop Bird Cage comes in Colors Sage, Cocoa, Charcoul Black and Pearl White. The suggested retail price is $299.99.

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Select Lifestyle Series Casa Cockatiel Playtop Bird Cage, 7.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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  1. Greg A. on November 19th, 2009 5:18 am

    We bought this online and our birds love this cage – im finding new features and tricks to it myself daily.

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