5 Basic Cockatiel Cage Buying Guidelines

Cockatiels are mostly long-range, high perching tree birds in the wild. When selecting cockatiel cages for your cockatiel, it is highly recommended to choose the largest size possible that you can afford or the biggest cage that fits in your house nicely.

Once you have figured out the appropriate size, you will want to make sure you have thought ahead of time about all the options necessary to give your pet a healthy and stimulating environment as soon as you introduce the cockatiel to it’s new home. I have created 5 very general cockatiel cage tips to help you start your bird cage hunt.

1) Always buy largest cage you can get. It also pays for itself because most large cages come with a wheeled cart, easy food access doors, quality product and build – as well as seed guards, perches, food/water dishes etc… Just make sure the cage is not too small for a cockatiel regardless of which you buy.

2) Remember that this is your bird’s new home. Did you figure out where the cage will be? Take into account that a baby cockatiel or any for that matter will make noise (mostly during sunrise) so if you have them near you or close room, they will wake you up. Is the bird going to be locked in a room by itself all day – do you have any other birds currently and will they get along – is the cage going to be in a high traffic area where it see’s people alot? It’s always good to have everything preplanned and arranged/setup before bringing home your new cockatiel.

Bar spacing is critical for the cockatiel you are buying. Make sure there’s vertical and horizontal bars as they need both to climb around and exercise.

4) The color of the cockatiel cage does not matter to the bird, so get a color that will match the area it will be setup in and where it will match your house.

5) Make sure the cage can hold the right amount of toys for your cockatiel. Cockatiels will need alot of toys (they love shredding toys) and stimulation toy accessories to distract your bird and to keep it active. A bored bird is very unhealthy and will start to pick it’s own feathers out, they stop eating and can become very aggressive even if he was the sweetest bird 2 hours prior.

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