The Most Popular And Best Reviewed Playtop Cockatiel Cages

This might be interesting to anyone looking into buying a cockatiel cage or new bird cage in general. With 11+ years experience with birds, you could imagine how many types of cockatiel cages I saw in my lifetime and how that made me very picky when picking out a bird cage for any species. My most important bird cages are the cage accessories at home for all my little noisy guys.

Today I wanted to share with everyone some of my favorite cockatiel cages which happens to still be the most popular and best reviewed cockatiel cages reviews by the average cockatiel owner. I will only settle for quality cockatiel cages because so many people overlook bird cage buying after already buying a new cockatiel or bird.

Look what A. Pelizzari had to say about cockatiel cages – “My cockatiel “Luciano” loves his new cage. There is plenty of space, and I would suggest adding another internal perch. The large entry door and ample feeding cups are a big plus. Also, cleaning is a breeze due to the added seed guards. I also line the bottom grate with paper, which adds to a quick clean-up. The rolling casters also make sweeping under the cage much easier. This is a big value and worth a look. Enjoy!”

Michael B. from Alabama says – “We were very pleased with our cockatiel cages purchase for our cockatiel “Baby”. Baby also loves her new cage with playtop and accessories. Very well constructed, no cheap parts and you just feel quality work. Surprisingly it was reasonably easy to assemble although with 2 people the job takes 1/4 the time. The directions are simply an exploded view of pictures and it brings your mind back to school lol. Just be patient when choosing cockatiel cages, getting the right one the first time is worth more than you could imagine. We will most likely be purchasing another unit from this seller.”

My cockatiel begs and begs for me to open anyone of the doors so he could run and sneak right up to the top where he is 6′ in height off the ground and feels better when I am not taller then him hehe, cockatiels like being higher up then people and will always try to get to the highest point they could like your shoulders or top perch.

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The Most Popular And Best Reviewed Playtop Cockatiel Cages, 8.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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