About Me

CockatielCages.net is the best website dedicated to providing cockatiel lovers with information on researching and buying cockatiel cages in order to help keep your birds healthy and happy for their lifetime.

A Little More About Me:
Right now I have 4 amazing birds – I would love to have more but I’m renting a house currently, so we are grateful they don’t mind the 4 we already have. The oldest bird I own is a Senegal Parrot bought from Parrots Of The World, NY.

Out of the blue, I got a call from Marc who is a friend and owner of Parrots Of The World, NY and told us someone left 2 cockatiels in the rain in front of his store in the middle of the night. Unfortunately both had no foot bands and therefore he could not keep or help them in the store legally. Where they came I could not tell you but they were in horrible condition… their health was clearly bad so my guess is someone had babies who did not obviously want them.

Against all odds, I felt so bad and had a lot of experience with cockatiels that I took them home to try to rehabilitate. The 2 cockatiels were also abused because they always went into attack mode and actually ripped skin off my finger while giving food. Both cockatiel’s would scream all day and night, bit, lunged at your hand, hissed if you went anywhere close and just felt as if we were the abusers so I feel so bad still not knowing what their story is in general.

After 5+ months of dedication, both adopted cockatiels are looking very happy and allow us to handle them most of the time. We get a little warning hiss if they don’t want to be bothered so keep the cage door open and give them time until they want to come out. It turned out 1 was male pied and 1 is a whiteface female.

I recently bought a new baby cockatiel who is the newest member of the family. He is only about 6 months old so he is just a baby and still had alot to learn. So far he seems extremely smart and is very funny at time. All 4 birds love their daily chirping contests back and forth with the other bird’s since there all not in 1 room so that is always a little crazy around sunrise most of the times but it’s a natural behavior of cockatiels when the sun rises, even in the wild.

I hope this website help’s you on your quest for finding the perfect cockatiel cage or right bird cage for any type of bird you own or are thinking of getting. Thank you for stopping by CockatielCages.net